The Mindys are 4 girls who attend Miss.Margarita's School for Prestigious Girls.

Appearence and PersonalityEdit

They are four girls and rude who show up every now and then to pick on Bebe. The first one is a redheaded Irish with green eyes, hairclip, and a light pink shirt with a flower on it. The second one is Latina with blue eyes and short brown hair. The third one is an African-American whose eyes are brown and whose dark brown hair is kept in a short ponytail.The fourth one is an blond Caucasian with a light purple headband.

Trivia Edit

  • Their catchphrase is Ludicrous.
  • In Carlos in Love,The Latina Mindy gets jealous of Carlita.
  • They wears school uniforms.
  • The Mindys has a resemblance to the Heathers.
  • The Latina Mindy suffers from the same hair problem as Bebe; it changes from straight to 50's and back again in the same scene.