The Amazing World of Carmelo is an American animated television series created by Carmelo456 and Manny913.The pilot episode aired Adult Swim on October 10, 2016.The series premiered on October 16, 2016.

Setting Edit

The show centers around Carmelo (an often 10 year old mexican boy) and Yasmani described as a drunken vengeful spirit.It is characterized by graphic violence and surreal humor, so it normally is rated TV-MA-V for graphic violence.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Episodes Edit

Pilot (2016) Edit

  1. Scary Yasmani

Season 1 Edit

  1. Beer Goggles
  2. Whale Show
  3. God Of Monkeys
  4. Organs
  5. Little Plant of Horror
  6. Tunnel Girls
  7. Elephant Man
  8. Bar
  9. Aspire
  10. Peace

Gallery Edit

The Amazing World of Carmelo
Carmelo and Merche

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