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Biography Edit

Tarana was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lu, on Earth, which is strange, for Humans, as a whole, find no home in the spirit world. She is set afloat in a basket with the infinity sign, and a slip of paper with her name. She is later found, by Cailean , a male Golden Retriever, who grows to become a brave fatherly figure. Some time later, a now older Tarana and Cailean were at sea when they discovered a cursed bracelet. After finding the bracelet, Tarana put it in the fridge until she put it on which shocks her. Tarana was, for a long time the only confirmed human in Mezcal. Up until "Loco Angry Perros," Gabi believes she has never met another human and becomes morose and "soul-searchy" when she thinks about it. However, Gabi encounters Ojas who learns that humans are allowed in the spirit world.However, in "Gabi's Aztec Pox," it is hinted that Gabi knows how to perform the Aztec ritual.In "I Can Smell That Cheep Ghost from Here," Ojas gives himself a ghostlike makeover and reveals he is a human with a Mexican ghost makeup.

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