She's a Skeleton is the pilot episode of Bebe Muerto

Plot Edit

It is the Day of the Dead (aka Halloween) and everybody has praying to their dead relatives. But when Manny didn't praying to his dead relatives, he is asked to guide the 4 year old human pale-looking pious girl named Gabriella from the human world, who is killed by a demon plant and become a ghost,Manny resolves to resurrect her before Marina finds out.

Ending creditsEdit

Manny is praying to his dead relatives in the cemetery, but Gabi scares him by dressing as a ghost.



  • First time Gabi's skeleton were seen.
  • it is revealed that Manny has a fear of ghosts.
  • First time Gabi smiles.
  • it is revealed that Gabi celebrates Día los de Santos Inocentes with her family

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