Sandra, often nicknamed "Sandy" by Abby Martinez,is Abby's best friend and lackey.She is voiced by Sandra Equihua.

Biography Edit

Sandra was born in Mexico and, at some point, moved to Spirit Creek at a young age.Her distinctive features include a purple hair-bow with a skull, and stereotypes for smart children in animated shows, such as black cat eye glasses, a short stature, and squeaky voice.

Friendship with Abby Martinez Edit

Abby often makes Sandra her own personal slave, as Sandra is too nice to resist obeying her every whim.In her spoiled, stuck-up nature, Abby treats Sandra badly because of her nice attitude and choice to hang out among the "weird" crowd. Abby frequently teases Sandra about her personality and practically everything she does, thus increasing tensions to the point of being archenemies. Sandra's feelings can be hurt by Abby's words and she will often stand right back up to the girl, adding to their animosity. In "The Girl who was Abused,"Sandra is making friends with Conchita and Reggie Sanchez which makes Abby the end,Abby apologizes for treat Sandra badly.

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