Rico:Everyone's excited for the homecoming dance but i don't know how to sing, turns out my family members taught me how to sing;(clears throat) (singing:) i'm a little boy whose killed by his classmates (glass shatter from his high note) Things could get any worse.

Nina:of course they can.

Rico:aaah Nina what's the big idea.

Nina:your family taught you how to sing, let me guess you don't have a date.[Lilah walking with a umbrella,looking at Rico,she smiles and making Rico smile.]

Rico:Excuse me, are you deceased?

Lilah:You suck the life right out of me,i'm Lilah Rosetti.

Rico:they call me Rico(kiss Lilah's hand) come with me and let's go to that dreadful place[Rico and Lilah share a umbrella and walking](skulls transition changes to the cemetery)

Lilah:I'm queen of the underworld[laughs]

Rico:[laughs](skulls transition changes to the diner.)

Lilah:What do you mean you can tell when someone fakes?

Rico:Trust me, I know.

Lilah:Uggh! Ahwww!

Rico:Are you ok?

Lilah:Getting dark, uggh! (coughs) Ahhhh!


(Lilah makes more noises and the whole restaurant looks at them as she pretends to die)

Rico:I didn't do it.(skulls transition changes to the park, Rico and Lilah are walking and tango dancing that everyone cheers) Lilah will you come to homecoming with me.


Nina:how come that loser gets noninated.