Pulgita De La Muerte, labeled The Nice Younger Sister, who is Mictecacihuatl's younger sister.She is voiced by Genesis Ochoa.


She lived along side her sister, Mitzi and was a beloved member of the catholic girl's club until she was murdered out of sheer jealousy. After death, Pulgita rose as a ghost and scare the daylights out of Mitzi.


Pulgita was stabbed in the head with a pitchfork, which was weilded by her sister,Mitzi.

Personality Edit

Pulgita has a reserved/bookwormish personality. She is withdrawn and introverted, as well as curious and intelligent. But because she moves so often, she has been unable to make lasting friendships and often feels lonely. She enjoys singing and playing a guitar just like Conchita.


Pulgita is a young girl with waist-lenght,black puffy hair and a santa muerte pendant. She's usually seen in a red and white dress, and white socks, as well as black Mary Jane shoes. Unlike in the intro, where she wears a hat and has no socks.



Conchita first saw Pulgita about a year prior to the start of the series during a beach.


Pulgita's big sister, dislikes Pulgita due to the fact that Pulgita beat Mitzi at a beauty pageant, and give the crown to her aunt.Mitzi always cheated in competions and believes herself to be better than Pulgita in everything, yet Pulgita has beated her several times.


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