Pacifica Nieves is the most popular girl in Merced Harbor. Once a major rival of Marisabel, recent interactions with her former foe and common people have compelled her to abandon her foster family's conceited attitude and long, hidden history of crime, treachery, and cover-ups.

Characteristics Edit

Apperarance Edit

Pacifica has long curled blonde hair with a bow. She wears gray eyeshadow. She also has grey eyes.

After removing her bow, thanks to Marisabel. She can turn into a fairy type with grey hair and skeleton wings. 

Personality Edit

Up until "Marisabela," Pacifica was stuck-up, sarcastic, rude, arrogant, snotty, and mean. She was a stereotypical popular blonde girl, having money, style, and talent. She was the show's diva and looked down cruelly on "weirdos".In "Marisabel Goes to a Party," she and Marisabel gained some common ground and she showed minor signs of humbling after almost being left for dead at the hands of the zombie party guests and getting a ride home in the Sanchez family's car even sharing tacos with Marisabel despite her having been taught not to eat food in a car. She even compliments Sin Piel's "gift" idea, and tells Marisabel that she had fun cheering her up.Pacifica has shown a certain amount of naivety in regards to common acts of kindness such as sharing, or even actions that are unfitting of the upper class such as eating in the car. It is then revealed in "Marisabela" that Pacifica acts the way she does because her foster parents keep her in line with their tight standards on what being a Noroeste entails, and also with Pavlovian behavioral conditioning,possibly combined with abuse of some sort. She also makes a breakthrough by setting herself aside from the other Noroestes, displaying altruistic traits when her foster parents tried to dissuade her otherwise. She also has a complete change of heart towards everyone and becomes a friend to the common folk of the town and the Sanchez family.

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