• Carlos: okay, who's ready to play poker. [blood is sprayed in his eyes]
  • Bebe: can i play poker.
  • Carlos: No girls allowed.[men poke fun at a sad Bebe.]
  • Bebe:(sad) how you bet me at a poker night.
  • Carlos: but i rejected you for being a girl(men poke fun at a heartbroken Bebe,but Ramon,Melanie,Kayla and Jorge glares angrily at them.]
  • Bebe: that means you you you.....(her heart is beating faster and shatters into pieces)(voice breaking)i think you better apologize[walks away from the backyard.]
  • Vanilla: [mocking Bebe] Ooh. hi i'm Bebe and i loves to sing! [Vanilla throw a card into the backyard of a haunted house ] what are you looking at? the name's Vanilla.
  • Carlos: [ Chuckling ],hey your parents named you Nikita.[Vanilla growls at Carlos.]
  • Jorge: What? Are you out of your mind?
  • Carlos: Why, is there something wrong?
  • Kayla: Haven't you ever heard the saying "If you don't stop rejected Bebe for being a girl, it'll break her fragile heart"?
  • Carlos and Vanilla: Uuh, no!
  • Jorge: Let me tell you the story of the ghost of Juanita. [thunder claps, Carlos and Vanilla's tooth chattering, breathing quickly] It were a cold day, in November, and in Muerte Harbor lived a little girl who loved to make friends.Until one day, when two best friends looking for a ball for the 444th time, [Fred is scared] his spine is tingling with fear...
  • Fred: Huh, huh... Huh?
  • Jorge: Permanently! 
  • Fred: Mommy.(Juanita gets angry at Fred)
  • Fred: [terrified] No...No... NO!(Juanita chopped Fred's head off with an axe)
  • Jorge: He couldn't looking for a ball for months. Until one day, Juanita feeds his bones to her pet chihuahua, Gigi!
  • Carlos and Vanilla: Oh, no! [ Laughs ] [ violin playing]
  • Bebe:[opening a door] he doesn't like me anymore.(singing quietly) I'm a cha-cha-cha Chihuahua, I'm the smallest dog in town. I never have to walk, because they carry me around.When I am a puppy, I'm no bigger than a cup.and I get no bigger even when I am grown up.cha-cha-cha
    I'm a cha-cha-cha Chihuahua, everybody thinks I'm...cute(looks at the pictures, a table and a living room.)(Bebe saws Juanita crying)What's wrong, Juanita.
  • Juanita: Beatrice makes fun of me because i'm a dork?
  • Bebe:You are not a dork,Juanita,You are an intelligent, energetic, adorable young lady, and don't you ever let anyone tell you any now,somebody told me a story that you fed the bones of some kid to your pet chihuahua and that you're really a ghost.
  • Juanita:Oh, you can keep them.
  • Bebe:They belong to Carlos, my best friend who wouldn't let me play because i'm a girl.(thunder claps.flashback opens to Bebe is singing to the chihuahua while dancing. )Hola, niña o amigo. Te vine aquí, sería poderoso oleaje!(Charmed, the chihuahua begins following her. The two begin dancing across the tombstones. Meanwhile Juanita smiling. Beatrice is going to a cemetery and heard Bebe's singing.)We're right where we belong, with an bark and a song! We are moving right along to the-(Beatrice blows a whistle to cease her activities with the chihuahua. This makes the animal go back to her,flashback ends.)
  • Juanita:To win against a boy like Carlos, all it takes is some girl power and some girl powder.(Beatrice,Vanilla, and Carlos are walking in terror)
  • Carlos:Now where are those stupid card? is gotta be--
  • Bebe:Carlos. oh, carlos
  • Carlos:Bebe, is that you, you're all a-- ghost?
  • Bebe:And it's all because you wouldn't let me play your game, because I was a girl.
  • Carlos:but i
  • Bebe:now that I'm a ghost, it's my turn to play a poker game.
  • Beatrice:Behind me.hahahaha, there's no way i will apologize.
  • Juanita:Meeee! [Carlos,Beatrice and Vanilla screams and running through a wall.]
  • Carlos:im sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry, you can play, girls are allowed.
  • Bebe:Wow! juanita beats death.

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