Muglita theme song is sung and played by series creator Natalie Villegas.

Summary Edit

The opening title sequence starts with a view of a nearby graveyard that features a calaca like cat inside of a tombstone and headstones.When the show's title is seen, Rico and Muglita float up using feathered wings sticking out from their backs while holding a white piece of cloth that says Muglita. they dancing with Pancho in a disco night club, they enter Ella's room to grab a voodoo doll and Ella zapped Rico with a scythe revealing his skeleton and Ella smiles.Then,Phoebe gets the pageant crown and Muglita dances and winning the contest,The sequence ends when Rico and Muglita reach the top of a headstone that they were climbing.Rico gets to the top and strikes a victorious pose while Muglita lies down near Rico as the show begins.

Characters Edit

The following characters can be seen in the opening sequence:

  • Calaca like cat
  • Rico Santos
  • Muglita de la Rosa
  • Ella Santos
  • Pancho Rodriguez
  • Phoebe

Lyrics Edit

Have you ever had a friend like this? Have you ever had a friend, Who would talk to a lady? And who would live and build a house on her place? Living in harmony, a human boy and a ghost girl Rico and Muglita

Translation Edit

¿Ha tenido un amigo como este? ¿Ha tenido un amigo, ¿Quién iba a hablar con una mujer? ¿Y quién iba a vivir y construir una casa en su lugar? Vivir en armonía, un niño humano y una niña fantasma Rico y Muglita