Milagritos(formerly known as Bebe de Muerto ) is an upcoming Mexican-American animated television series created by Sandra Equihua and designed by Jorge R. Gutierrez.The series that premiere on April 5 2015 on nickelodeon.

Plot Edit

Mila feels neglected and ends up a nuisance when she tries to bond with her step mother and her older sister. They all call her" Bebe De Muerto ",Mila decides to pack up and leave Benton Harbor. Along the way, she is reaped by a grim reaper named Manny, but fails when Mila's competitive spirit causes her soul to leave her body.After Mila's funeral,Mila returns as a ghost wanders away into a new town called Meadow's Peak and attempts to make new friends with a 15 year old smart girl named Macey and her 12 year old naive brother named Zeke.However, it also centers upon the preacher's teenage daughter, Meloisa Sanchez, who is a spolied princess,rude,manipulating and had a crush on Zeke,her sweet younger sister Adelita Sanchez,and Enrique Romero, the strict, dutiful, and serious uncle of Macey and Zeke after their parents died, who is often the foil to Manny's schemes and has a liking to the piano, playing video games and ballet.

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