Milanda" Mila" Santos is the female main protagonist of Milagritos.she was created by series character designer Sandra Equihua.She is voiced by Melany Ochoa.

Appearance Edit

After her death,She wears a red cat hat with dark brown/black hair, and also has a black pacifier,but her ears and lips are shown. When she is not wearing her hat, her hair is always loose. Her outfit includes a black shirt with a collar, a grey skirt, and over-the-knee socks. She has a red backpack with a skull and black Mary Jane shoes.Before her death,Mila has black hair that's tied in pigtails. She wears a white shirt with a black sweater, a grey skirt, and also has white socks and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Mila was shown with a positive attitude and enjoys singing and ballet. Mila looks and acts quite different from her sister. She is possibly the youngest of the two. Since she appears to still be a child and with few duties, she appears very happy and carefree.

History Edit

Mila's mother, Lila died while she was still pregnant with her, and she and her father were buried by the fashion designer Priscilla. But three days later, Mila crawls out of her womb and the grave by her own power.After her birth she is taken in by Priscilla, but They treated her coldly for make a baby doll named Bebe De Muerto after her nickname.She is getting tired of her step mother and older sister's teasing and packed up to leave Benton Harbor at age 6, Her soul was reaped by Manny who is fed up with her step mother and older sister's teasing When taken to the Land of the Dead a.k.a Meadow's Peak to make new friends with the Romero siblings, Macey and Zeke.