Mictecacihuatl, labeled The Naughty Older Sister, who is one of Conchita's enemies and Pulgita's older sister.She is voiced by Candi Milo.


Mitzi tills the land whilst her sister Pulgita is a Shepherd. Out of jealousy for her sister, one day in the Shepherds field, Mitzi killed her younger sister with a pitchfork and was banished to the underworld by the people which makes Mitzi snaps and become a goddess of death by wearing a school uniform,a pearl necklace and a tiara.

Personality Edit

Though she is Pulgita's older sister, the two are polar opposites. She also has the optimum qualities of a villain, and she is cunning, deceitful, immoral, sadistic and unremorseful. The two almost never get along well, except when Mitzi tricks Pulgita into thinking she's being nice.


Mitzi wears her family's uniform of a sweater vest with a skull insignia.


  • Mitzi has the same hair color and eye color as Pulgita.
  • Mitzi and Pulgita are almost identical, except for their hair color, eye color, and eye shape.

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