Manny Jordon
Manny Jordan
Biographical Information
  • Male
  • Alive
  • Human
  • Male
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Character Information
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Manny Jordon is the main protagonist of Bebe Muerto. He is voiced by Scott Menville.

Personality Edit

Manny is serious, stern, strict and afraid of ghosts.Another flaw Manny has is he is competitive and still a bit immature but, despite his struggles, Manny has time and again proven to be a great leader. He cares for all of his friends deeply.Manny is a bit of a loner. Tails and Jorge hang around with each other more than him and Manny tends to be very independent. He cares deeply about each of his friends but for Marina it is shown that Manny has romantic feelings for her.

Appearance Edit

Manny is always shown in just his school uniform that is consisted of a white shirt with a tie, black sweater,blue pants,black shoes , has dark brown/black hair, light skin and an athletic-build.


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