[Posters on the school wall: Marigold Prevention Week,Bebe opening her locker looking for her gothic novels,heard the music from Susie's parade and closes her locker.

  • Suzie:[blow kisses,record scratches] eww,i think i squashed a bug,oh that just Bebe.
  • Bebe: Looks like the corpses are rise from the graves.
  • Suzie: Ha, ha, very funny, Bebe. And in case you didn't know, that was sarcasm,they are hosting a elegant ballet club called Niñas De La Bailarina,there is three words you have, beauty, charm and wit.I'm the newest member of last year's club called Lady of Guadalupe the way you've move to Muerte Harbor and the judges kicked me out for being spoiled and bratty.

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