The Kyle residence is the home of the Kyle family.

Architecture Edit

Exterior Edit

The house is a two-story cape cod, with a light blue roof and shutters and white walls. It appears to be wooden and has a red brick chimney.There is a fence surrounding the property and a large sign that has a picture of a skeleton angel and large words that read Don't Fear the Reaper.a gazebo, and numerous plants and trees.

Interior Edit

First floor Edit

  • Living room - An average den with a pink chair and sofa, rose carpeting, and light purple walls decorated with various pictures. It also houses a coffee table,windows with dull teal curtains, and a marble column-shaped end table.
  • Kitchen - Has various cooking appliances. It has light blue-green walls and a checkerboard-style tile floor. There is a window above the sink, with a plant, soap, and tissues in its sill. The drapes are light red.
  • Beatrice's Room- An girly room filled with girly clothing,trophies and tiaras.

Second floor Edit

  • Ramon's bedroom - A very dreary room with dark green walls, a brown, wood floor, and a brown ceiling. It is furnished with a wood bed, having light green pillows and covers and a teddy bear.his room is filled with trophies,awards and paintings.

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