Josefa Rodgers is the female main protagonist of Coelho.

Character Edit

Appearance Edit

Josefa is a very slender child who has short hair, her original hair color is brown but she dyed it pink, with pale skin, and brown eyes. She wears a white bunny jacket, with a red dress underneath, black tights, and black boots. The strawberry hair clip is thought to be her trademark, and she has only been seen without it occasionally.

Personality Edit

Josefa is a very optimistic, kind, ditzy but imaginative ghost.

History Edit

When Josefa Rodgers and Penelope Hazelwood were around 15 years old, they used to be friends until all of a sudden, Penelope starts embarrassing her, pushing her, and even cutting Josefa's long hair short.  During the meeting, Josefa is getting ready to be a member of the prestigious girls club, but Penelope accidentally kills Josefa by giving her a cupcake laced with peanuts.

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