Guadalupe Suarez is the most popular girl in The Demon World and the diametric opposite of Marina.She is voiced by Rosie Perez.

Personality Edit

Stuck-up, sarcastic, rude, arrogant, snotty, and mean, Guadalupe is a stereotypical popular Latina girl, having money, style, and talent. She is the show's diva and looks down cruelly on "weirdos" such as Marina and Gabriella, and lords her ancestry over the people of The Demon World. Her parents spoil her and seem to ground her for her cruel behavior which has greatly affected her psyche, to the point of valuing what her parents drive into her: money, winning and looks.


Guadalupe has long black hair and usually wears a white shirt, v necked black sweater, along with a grey skirt. She also wears white socks with red flats. She wears a light blue cappie cap and scrunchie.