Elegant Girls' Club is the pilot episode of Carmela The cute little dead baby.

Plot Edit

Manny, Fallyn and Simon and their families move to Santa Muerte and discover that their new house is already occupied by a ghost girl named Carmela who was bullied by her sisters, Gertrude and Trixie.

Trivia Edit

  • First time Carmela sings.
  • First time Manny sings.
  • First time Simon sings.
  • First time Fallyn sings.
  • Gertrude sings horribly during her music lesson.
  • When Carmela is alive she had dark brown hair similar to Dora.
  • Carmela's hairstyle is similar to Sandra Equihua.
  • Manny's gothic tuxedo is similar to Jack's tuxedo.
  • In the opening sequence, Manny and Fallyn both have skeletal, muscle, and full skin part (except for Simon who have skeletal and full skin.
  • Death makes a cameo.



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