Conchita is a heroine and main protagonist of the anime and manga series The Morbid world of Conchita.

History Edit

Conchita was formerly a member of a girl's club called Lady of Roses, which she is good at singing and dancing which makes Rosita jealous.During her audition, Rosita sends a snake to kill Conchita. Since her heart is broken into pieces and everyone celebrate the life of Conchita because Rosita is a newest member, she turns into a ghost and ascend to the Dead World called Mundo De Los Espiritus but sent to The Human World by a skeletal boatman and makes friends with a smart boy named Reggie Sanchez.Reggie learns that Conchita, being the only friendly girl, was constantly bullied,abused and killed by Rosita, and they buried her and pray to her on the Day of the Dead.


Conchita has short, chocolate black hair,pale skin, and brown eyes.Her overall appearance is much like that of a traditional calaca skeleton baby doll. Conchita wears a red cat hat, skull hair clip, black skull earrings and black pacifer.When she was alive, Conchita wore a pink hair bow and had long brown hair,gold pearl earrings and light skin.



She is a kind, smart, and talented girl.Conchita is shown to be naive, optimistic, compassionate, shy and very friendly.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Conchita's ability to be seen and heard by normal people depends on her state of mind, though humans can always see her. As a ghost,Conchita is intangible in normal situations, however humans can touch her, maybe due to their supernatural condition.Thanks to Cassidy tutoring, Conchita has also displayed a form of Telepathy where she is able to share Rosita's senses, and Aura Reading.

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