Carmela The cute little dead baby (also abbreviated as pequeño Bebe muerto lindo) is an upcoming American animated television series co-created by Jorge R. Gutierrez for Nickelodeon. The show follows the morbid adventures of the quartet. It is premiering on January, 9 2015 on Nickelodeon.

Plot Edit

Three best friends,Manny, Fallyn, and Simon are moving to a new house with their families.They enjoying listening to ghost stories that the local undertaker, Mr. Robinson, tells them. One night Robinson tells the tale of a local undertaker whose wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Carmela which makes her sisters Trixie and Gertrude jealous.During her audition on her first day of school, she is hit and killed by a prop sack.Later, Manny and his friends decide to hold a séance in the cemetery where Carmela is buried

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