Bebe De La Muerte
Bebe De La Muerte
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Bebe De La Muerte is the main character and protagonist of Bebe De Muertos.She is voiced by Sandra Equihua. Bebe makes squishing sounds when she walks.


Bebe is a songbird with a personality as angelic as her singing voice. She is highly enthusiastic and enjoys expressing her emotions through music and dance.

Appearance Edit

She wears a black sweater, white shirt with a black tie, black skirt, and Mary-Jane shoes with skulls on the soles. She has a red cat ear hat, brown eyes, chocolate-black hair, pale skin,wears red eye-shadow, yellow earrings, calaca makeup, black pacifier and red lipstick. In the pilot, her face is painted white with a flower, while in the rest of season one it is white with an upside heart.She has dark brown hair with a ponytail in it, and her skin is very pale. When her hair is down, it is shown to be very long.

Trivia Edit

  • Sandra Equihua who plays Bebe also plays Scardelita in The Book of Life.
  • Bebe bears a virtual resemblance to Scardelita from Book of Life, the two have black hair, calaca makeup, are very Mexican, unlike Bebe she wears an eye-patch and are both voiced by Sandra Equihua.
  • Bebe (along with Melanie) are the female characters on Bebe De Muertos whose ears are shown due to the others' hairstyles which completely cover their ears.
  • According to Jorge R. Gutierrez and Gary Doodles, Bebe is 9 years old. However, according to Sandra Equihua, she is 12 years old.
  • She learns that her mother had Irish, German, and French ancestry, and her father was of African-American and Native American descent. However, her mother put her up for adoption because she was afraid her family would not accept her since they were racist.She was adopted by an Afro-Mexican couple who at the time had three biological children and one adopted Native American daughter.