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Annabelle Poco Limon is Lenny's deceased cousin. She is voiced by Mia Talerico.

Personality Edit

Poco Limon is Lenny's extremely cheerful, sunny, enthusiastic cousin who loves to sing and skilled in ballet. Poco is also shown to be a naive girl, as she believes that Jorge is a skeleton, but she still remains very mature, as while she cries as Lenny unknowingly breaks her heart, she still remains friendly to Kayla and others. she still pursues a friendship with Beatrice, despite Beatrice's cruelty to the episode with the same name,after her death, Poco Limon returns as a ghost to haunt Lenny and Beatrice.


In life, Poco Limon has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and pink hair bow. To complete the ballet look, she wears a pink blouse/skirt tutu and ballet shoes, which usually create a "squishy" noise while walking.

After Poco Limon died, she now wears a black dress and has black Mary janes.she has a purple hair bow with a skull and black hair.

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